onsdag 15. april 2009

New Award

I got a new award yesterday! An award personally made by the donor Tarolino from Finland. I felt so honoured to recieve this personal award, from a very talented lady - both with her camera and her way with words! And she is a great friend in the world of bloggers!

This award has no "strings" attached. That means I can keep it to myself! Photobucket Ha! :) I CAN pass it on if I want to........ but I will keep that as a secret for now - and keep it to myself for a while! ;-)

Thank you so much dear Tarolino!


4 kommentarer:

Tarolino sa...

Blushing down to the tips of my toes over those very wonderful words. You are so very welcome.

Ida sa...

Gratulerer SÅ MYE! :)))
Vel fortjent.
Bloggen din er forresten blitt veldig fin.
Flotte forandringer.

Tess sa...

Well deserved!


Congrats on your award! Real talent truly can't be hidden. Have a great weekend :)