torsdag 26. mars 2009

Post of The Day at David McMahon!

I discovered yesterday that my post on Today's Flower; Cactus - is mentioned in the blog of David McMahon, a well-known Australian journalist and superblogger! He has a Post Of The Day label on his blog, where he is telling other bloggers to go visit a post he likes, or others have nominated. You can check out the post here.

This really made my day! I'm sitting here with my nose in a handkerchief - feeling rather sick - but this really made me feel soooo much better!

Thank you David! This is a big inspiration to keep on blogging - and keep on shooting my camera!

7 kommentarer:


Congrats :)! It was well deserved. I love to read news like this.


Hope you get well soon.


Thank you Rosidah! It was so fun to discover! I visit his blog from time to time - but someone else had to tell me about it!

And thanks - I guess my nose will be better in a couple of days! :)

Lene sa...

Ååå, så moro! Gratulerer så mye, og vel fortjent for flotte bilder :)

Heeelt fantastiske watery bilder også ;)Fikk den derre samme de javuen igjen, jeg ;)

Ha en super kveld! Nærmer seg helg igjen visst :)

John sa...

Gratulerer så mye :)

Ida sa...

Gratulerer med god omtale. :)
Vel fortjent.
Det bildet er spesielt vakkert.
Ta det til deg! :)

ArneA sa...

Og stedet er Drammenselva?
Gratulerer med den 22. Runner up til PODT er faktisk en stor ære.
Så posten på onsdag også